कैसे मनाएँ दीवाली हम लाला अपना तो बारह महीने दीवाला
हम तो हुए देखो ठन ठन गोपाला
अपना तो बारह महीने दीवाला

Hello all music lovers.  As we come to the close of Vikram Samvat 2073, we at Mehfil Mastee would like to give a musical goodbye to yet another year and hope that Samvat 2074 would be happier and more musical for all of us.

Diwali is one of the biggest family festivals of India.  Naturally, Diwali has been shown as part of the story in many Hindi films, and many songs picturized too in different contexts.  Let us see a few different emotions conveyed by a few popular Diwali songs.

Diwali being a family festival, emotions such as love, togetherness, the pain of separation and such are naturally going to be part of such songs. To me, the differentiating song is the one whose lines you see at the beginning of this article.  Here is a song that uses humor, but conveys stark reality for millions of our fellow citizens. Filmed on comedian Johnny Walker in 1959 film Paighaam, the song brings out a very different creative aspect of Kavi Pradeep, who we all remember more for his great patriotic songs and bhajans.  “How can we celebrate Diwali when we are perpetually broke?”.  Answer that, folks.  Here is the link:

The Diwali song of longing for a lover that comes to my mind is Kavi Shailendra’s masterpiece, composed by great S D Burman, from Navketan’s 1965 classic, Guide. Here is the link:

हो, जग ने उतारे हो, धरती पे तारे,
पर मन मेरा मुरझाये
हो, उन बिन आई हो, ऐसी दीवाली
मिलनेको जिया तरसाये, आ साजन पायल पुकारे
झनक झन झन झनक झन झन, पिया तोसे
पिया तोसे नैना…

On similar lines, the pain of being away from each other, expressed beautifully by both lovers, once again beautifully written by Shailendra, composed by the great duo Shankar-Jaikishan, from 1962 film Hariyali aur Rasta:

लाखों तारे, आसमान में
एक मगर ढूंढे ना मिला
देख के दुनिया की दिवाली
दिल मेरा चुपचाप जला

Finally, a song from 1962 film Son of India, lyrics by Shakeel Badyuni and composed by great Naushad, a Diwali song reminding us of its association with “diya” (lamps).

दिया न बुझे री आज हमारा
दिया न बुझे री आज हमारा
चले ऋ पावन सनन सनन
थर थर कांपे जियरा
दिया न बुझे री आज हमारा

There are many more. Which is your favorite, and why? Write to us, or better still, sing and send us the audio to be shared here for benefit of all music lovers.

Wish you all a great Diwali and a super Samvat 2074. May there be more music in your life.

PS: Do you sing? Do you want to share your singing with us?  Let us know at swarbaaware@mehfilmastee.com


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