To Sing Or Not To Sing

Should everybody sing?  If you listen to some of those auditions on the popular television singing competitions, you would probably say, “Definitely not!” Let’s face it, not everyone is born to be on a stage, but maybe that’s not entirely true. Let me rephrase, not everyone is born to be a world famous singer.  The kind... Continue Reading →


The road less travelled to the West End

The odds were stacked against Matthew Colthart making it in musical theatre – but that didn’t put him off. After years of hard work, he is now making his mark on the West End. He tells CLARISSA LAND how his persistence paid off. I am all enormous smiles and tingly with anticipation at the thought... Continue Reading →

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing

Our immune system can be strengthened by singing. Yes, according to the researchers of the University of Frankfurt, singing helps boost the immune system. They conducted study on the professional choir members. They observed their blood before starting their hour-long rehearsal and again checked after it. They noticed in most of the cases, the immune system... Continue Reading →

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